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Letting agent qualifications

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Hello all, 

I was wondering if anyone out there is an independent letting/managing agent? What I mean by this is, just you working as self employed to manage and let a number of properties? 

I ask because I have always struggled with letting agents as I find them very casual, poor communicators and put simplest just plain unprofessional. Just my experience. 

I would be interested to know what qualifications I should consider and how best to get started out on my own? How to convince people to entrust me with their most valuable asset. 

I already manage my own residential properties as well as a few for the company I work for (not a letting agency) I also manage 30+ Business tenants who rent workshops and I project manage commercial developments as well. I am used to property and account management software and am in the process of developing a tenant portal for the tenancies I manage. 

I find the idea of being able to manage 10-20 residential properties from my iPad an exciting prospect and feel I could offer a great local service. I am aware it’s not as easy as people think. 

Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Hi Tristan

I'm not personally a letting/managing agent, but I've read the content that we've written on them at Property Hub. 

We've written this article on how to choose the best letting agent, and I think this could work as a great checklist starting off point for you; https://propertyhub.net/how-to-choose-a-letting-agent/

I'd pay close attention to the 'Finding a Good Letting Agent' section in particular.


Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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Hi Mark, 

Thank you very much for this, I shall check it out and hopefully some better luck next time! 

All the best,


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