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Limited company formation advice.

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Im looking to set up a new sister company, however i am also looking longer term to build a portfolio within property which i can hand down to my children when i retire, ive heard the term freezer share, could someone shed some light with knowledge before i go and research further ?, this would be both under eighteen and over currently.

of course ear are all open to any other suggestion, i feel if i started as a single director of a limited company after say ten or twenty years then decide i want to retire my children would no way be able to afford into the business.

Look forward to the reply's...





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Solicitors will be able to structure the company capital so the growth attaches to your children’s  shares. Income over £100 paid to your children while they are under 18 would be taxable on you if you set this up. This can all be managed using alphabet shares. You really should specific tax and legal advice for this though. Good luck!





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