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Mortgage advisor or financial advisor or both?

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Im just looking for some advice, i need both mortgage advice and financial strategy advice as to what to do with my properties. Does this exist in one person or do you need to talk to the individual people?




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Hi Newbie,

I'm both a mortgage adviser and a financial adviser (though I don't "do" mortgages these days).  I suggest that this is a bit of Horses for Courses: if your bigger focus is on the financial strategy advice, then go with the financial adviser: they are necessarily qualified to a higher level than a stand-alone mortgage broker has to be, and and thus authorised to provide financial planning advice.

Using myself as an example: whilst I know about how the mortgage market works, what is required and so on, because I'm not doing mortgages regularly I don't have my finger on the pulse and thus would not the right person for specialist mortgage work.  However, "bigger picture" financial planning is my daily job ...

So, it depends on what the more immediate need is, and whether you'll find a jack-of-all trades IFA or you get the right tool for the right job (if you get my drift?)

Good luck!


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Totally agree with @paulrh on this. You need specialist knowledge in each area. An IFA will be able to recommend a good mortgage broker they know and vice versa. 

All the best


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