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Hello All,

My name is Frank and I’m a 22 year old Engineer based in Harrogate looking to diversify my income by investing in property throughout the UK. 

My experience in property so far is a ‘flip’ on my first home, bought with a good friend of mine, which we have just sold learning lots of lessons in the process. We’re looking to again flip as equal partners on a larger property in the Harrogate area whilst using it as our primary residence.

As an individual, I’m looking to follow the proven strategy of BRRRR purely for investment where I have circa £30,000 of funds to utilise. Although I’m open to other strategies, this one aligns with my available funds and time designation. I have created what I believe to be challenging but achievable goals, which I’m happy to share and receive constructive criticism on if anyone is interested.

I’m inclined to invest in properties within the Leeds area as I know the area fairly well and is within a comfortable distance if I have to get more hands on than a typical investor. 

With an engineering consultancy background I approach problems with logic and calculation, but despite this, I’m a firm believer that a major factor to success is strong mentorship and occasional support. Therefore, I’d appreciate the opportunity to pick the brain of anyone who is experienced in the BRRRR strategy moving forward!

I also have firm family contacts amongst trusted tradesmen in the HG postcode area. If anyone is looking for approved institutional tradesmen in this area, please don’t hesitate to ask!

All the best to everyone, hopefully we’ll be in touch in the near future. 


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