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Best area to invest in Liverpool?

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I am a real estate investor who has a particularly keen interest in Liverpool. I like the city and its culture. So, I want to invest somewhere around 60k-150k pounds on a property. What are the best areas to invest in depending on the crime rate and expected yield percentage per year. I want to invest around the city centre. Which are the L1-L8 areas I believe. What are the best areas that I could invest in?

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Hi Talha,

I have conducted some research around the area in the past , typically L1,2,3 are the more pricier areas - given the central location - in those areas you would most likely be looking at flats. 

Branching out to L4,5,6,7,8 (& wider L13, L20) are where you would typically find 2/3 terraced houses which also offer great buses and train links into the town centre - these areas are cheaper and could potentially offer greater yields but it does depend on location.

I would recommend first understanding your target market - if you would like to cater to young professionals then a more central location could be the way to go, alternatively if you favour renting to families then areas in outer locations could be an option. In any case speaking to some estate agents in the area to gauge  an understanding of where your tenants/customers are could provide you with a greater direction.

Hope that helps buddy!

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