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Tenant problem, or is it?

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Hello all

One of my long term rental houses is occupied by a lovely family.

They have been there years and have no intention of moving on.

It is clear in the rental agreement that any work no matter how small needs written agreement from me.

They have clearly broken the contract by landscaping the garden, tiled the floors, replaced kitchen cupboard doors, fencing and now I hear they are going to tile the bathroom.

Now,  this seems an ideal situation on the surface for a landlord but what negative impact could it have for me?



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If the changes have improved the general look and upkeep of the property then I cant really see any negative impact on you. If they are going to be living there years then they will undoubtedly want to put their own little mark on the place. At least it shows they are personally invested in it and it could be a good sign they intend to stay long term. Maybe just check the quality of the work done and kindly remind them that work should really be approved by you first.

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This is a bit like complaining that you are too rich or too good looking... there is no problem here. He he.

It sounds like a perfect scenario and the dream tenants to me. Make the most of it. No perceived problems here, as long as the work is done to a good standard then you are on to a winner.

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28 minutes ago, nicholas_b said:

This is a bit like complaining that you are too rich or too good looking... there is no problem here. He he.

Haha, it sure does seem that way.  I was just wondering about future problems like them moving out, taking everything they ever bought and leaving me with an empty shell.

I always did overthink. 🤔


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Get the post was younger in cheek, but I see no issue, they’re likely to stay as their invested.

If they want to leave and the works not to standard, is it below the bond amount to get back. I suspect not having lived there 3+ years

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It's all well and good checking that the works are to standard but the other reason for the tenant to ask the landlord for permission before the improvement works is to verify that the proposed design will be appropriate for future tenants as well. Tenants who take improvement works into their own hands are more likely to stamp their own character (think fuchsia bathroom tiles) than to consider what the next tenants would find acceptable.

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