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I’m due to complete on my second BTL flat. My first made me an accidental landlord and I’ve had the same tenant in there for the ten years since I rented it. This new purchase is the start of me becoming intentional. 

It’s a 2 bed flat in an area near town in Newcastle that is popular with both students and young professionals. It’s a nice flat with a great layout, double fronted and a huge private garden. 

My question is what level of furnishing is advised? I often read to furnish with as little as possible but I want to get this rented out quickly and for it to be desirable. Any advice gratefully received.  

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Hi @sophie_cm

Great to have you on the forum!

If you don't mind me asking, are there any furnishings at all in the flat already? Personally I would say the best way for you to know how much furnishing is required is to think about what you personally would expect to see in a flat you're considering renting. Obviously the basics are a necessity (sofas, storage in bedrooms, microwave, etc.). But if you want your tenants to pay a higher rent, then you'll need to include more furnishings and they'll need to of quite a high quality.


Mark Rocks
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