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Newbie here.

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Hi, I’m Rob.R 

currently own a pub and desperately trying to get it gone, mainly because I’m trading all of my time for very little reward even before Covid-19. We reached a point where we were busy but  with extra staff ended up making less money than being steady. 
ive had two sales fall through at last minute, the last buyer was getting it a ridiculously low price. 
im now seeking to split the title on the flat attached to borrow against that. I need extra funds to get a property that sits behind my wife’s equestrian land, to buy this and another piece of land would make it a very valuable equestrian property in Essex with over 7 acres for not a massive outlay! 

ive done but to let’s and had some bad tenants, so I’ve learnt very expensive lessons. 
I’d like to get into brrrr once I can get the pub gone! 

hope to speak to some of you soon



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Hi mark, 

we are in Harwich, Essex. Let’s hope so. 
although trade won’t be that great as we upset the community by putting in for planning permission to turn into flats at the start of Covid as a back up plan... unfortunately the locals didn’t like that and decided to boycott us 

it’s cheap so hopefully we will get a sale 

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I’ve found a great guy that advertises it online, he also knows my pub..... he said he will gather interest on the property prior to auction and then decide where to start the reserve, if there is little interest he advises not to see it to auction until a later time. Can’t say fairer than that. 
so yes I believe an online auction 

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