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Post-lockdown ‘fever is set to propel prices even higher’

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Housing experts are predicting a post-lockdown boom in house prices across the UK, according to new reports; https://propertyindustryeye.com/post-lockdown-fever-is-set-to-propel-prices-even-higher/

Further proof that the initial fear that the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns would cause an immediate crash... what are your thoughts?

Mark Rocks
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Almost everyone is talking up the boom now. It seems to have taken off quicker than I expected. I thought we would see a decent rate of growth for 5 years per the property cycle. Even if it started in January 2020 and was masked by the lockdown we are only 18 months into it and the general media are on to it already. I think we are already getting towards the panic buying stage with buyers feeling they must buy now or be out priced. Surely it cant continue at this pace. Surely it will burst sooner than expected? I think with the rate of growth it cannot be sustained and will burst at the end of 2022. - hopefully it will last longer.

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