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First Investment, where to start?

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Hello everyone,

I am a 32 year old homeowner with a passive income, so have a lot of free time. I have saved up around 100k to invest.

I think my main goal would be that these will be my retirement fund.

I have no idea about property investing and not sure exactly what route to go down, I am thinking of doing either of the following:

1. Buying 2x 2 bed flat's in Essex for around 180K each and renting out


2. Buying 4x 2 bed flat's up north for around 90K each

Do you think I am right in going down either of these routes? or do you think one route would be better than the other? or should I being something different altogether?

Any advice or information would be much appreciated.

Thank You


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Welcome to the forum @matt150189

Thanks for sharing your story, and congrats on saving up the £100k - that's no mean feat!

When you mention investing in the north, do you have a specific place in mind? It's important to keep the fundamentals in mind when considering investing in a specific area, so it's good to know where you're thinking of.

Have you researched the different kind of property strategies available to you? Our free course tells you the basics of each, and shows which strategy might work best for you; https://propertyhub.net/course/which-property-strategy-is-right-for-you/


Mark Rocks
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As you have 'no idea about property investing' I would suggest buying one BTL near where you live. You will learn a lot from your first property - not least whether being a LL is right for you - and if it is close by you can keep an eye on everything.

I know lots pf people buy properties 'up north' but how do you source a property or tradespeople in an area you don't know? How do you keep an eye on things and prevent people ripping you off?

I use a rental agent but I always go into my properties between tenants to spruce them up and check on condition and this is much easier when they are nearby. 

Good luck :) 

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Thank you both for the replies.

Mark Rocks -

I have watched the videos and was thinking of going down the route of repayment mortgages as this is more of an investment for a pension/retirement fund rather than what I can earn monthly out of it.

I was thinking North West or North East where these properties seem to be around the 80/90k prices.

Julia Urquhart -

I completely understand where your coming from. I will defiantly bare this in mind and having a look around, even if I can find something mid-way so its not too far as use to driving around the UK.

Thank You



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No problem @matt150189!

I think that route sounds like a good shout. I understand what Julia has said about investing close to home, but if you're not going to have a problem driving up North to see/vet the properties, I think you could see great success by venturing further afield.

There's loads of North West / North East cities in our Buy-to-Let hotspots for 2021. These are the places in the UK where Rob & Rob see great things happening in terms of ROI and continued growth over the next few years, so it would be a good idea to check that out if you're not tied to a specific area yet!

Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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