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Hello Property People!

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Hope it's sunny wherever you're ready this :)

I'm about to move out of London (one of those!) and relocate to Bristol. This will involve selling my flat and buying a 2 or 3 bed house in Bristol, with the view of getting a lodger into the new place. 

Having maxed the overpayments on my current flat I'll have enough to put down a large deposit for my new home alongside 1 or 2 deposits for BTL's. Fairly settled on investing in BTL via a Ltd company. Not planning on drawing an income from the BTLs but rather keep the money in the business and buy a new property every 2 years. Long term I'd like to have this become my main income, although this depends on if I enjoy property management as much as I think!

Still reading and budgeting frantically, and wont be kick starting the new LTD venture until I've actually moved, likely July time.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you around this forum in the future! 

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