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Hello! I'm wondering if anyone can offer some advice. 

I am looking to rent out my flat to a potential tenant on a short term basis. I found the tenant on OpenRent. They are US citizens but living in the UK. I am completing the reference process at the moment. I am expecting to move back into the apartment in approx 8 months time. I had originally suggested that the tenant lets me know the dates they expect to move in/out and we can put those in the contract or if they prefer we do a 6 month AST with a rolling monthly contract thereafter. The tenant has since explained that they are looking for something potentially short term as they might be moving back to the US after 3 months or so but 'its up in the air.' He has said that he would prefer a 6 month lease with a 3 month breaking clause. I also want to protect myself here as I don't want to be in a situation whereby the tenant decides to stay and then when i give him notice to move out in several months time is unable to - we all know how difficult it can be to get tenants out if they are unable to find alternative accommodation. My husband and I will have a baby by then so we could do without that headache!

Any suggestions on the best type of contract here ? I'm happy to do one for 3 months too but I need to make sure its all legal and correct. 

Advice very welcome!

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