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City-centre investing - is this dying out?

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One of the most interesting property trends that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, was the seeming migration of tenants from inner city apartments to more rural areas. Or at least one of the most talked about property trends in the press, anyway.

But is investing in city centres a thing of the past? Or will it always pay off to put your hard-earned money in more urban areas?

That's the topic of this week's Property Podcast, as the Robs talk us through what they see happening with metropolitan living; https://propertyhub.net/podcast/investing-in-city-centres/

Give it a listen and let us know whether you agree with them. Or better yet, let us know if you disagree - this is a topic that seems to split opinion, so we're interested to see opinions from both sides.

Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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