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'Northern Powerhouse' - Northern regions remain strong for BTL investment

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According to the UK House Price Index, Northern regions continue to provide some of the highest price rises and rental yields in the country.

The North West was shown to be the region with the highest annual price growth; average prices in the region rose by 11.9% to £184,351 in the year to February, up from 10.5% in the month before.

In contrast, London saw the lowest annual price growth, with average price growth growing 4.6%.


I don't think these results are necessarily surprising. Especially in London, where we've seen COVID hit rental prices and demand pretty hard in the capital.

Do you think it's as simple as people migrating North since the pandemic? Or is this accelerated Northern growth (and diminishing Southern growth) a symptom of the continued growth of cities outside of London, like Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool?


Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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