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Help! "Director’s board resolution approving terms of the lender’s offer..."


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Hi Hubbers!

I hope everyone is well?

I'm in the process of buying a property through a Ltd I have setup. 

Mortgage offer came in recently (yay!), so it is with the solicitor. They have requested the below.


director’s board resolution approving terms of the lender’s offer and the execution and performance of the mortgage deed

Is there a template or resource someone could point me to? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kalok

Your solicitor should be able to confirm what's required, but my understanding is some typed up minutes of a 'board meeting' would be sufficient.

You can Google what needs to be in them, but the standard company name, address, date of meeting, and then confirmation that it accepts the terms of the mortgage offer dated XX April 2021 from XYZ Lender, signed and dated by the directors of your limited company.

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