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Looking for conveyancer recommendations

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Hi everyone,

With SDLT cuts ongoing it seems conveyancers throughout the country continue to be extremely busy these days and it's getting harder to find a conveyancer/solicitor that is able to spend the time required to provide quality service.

I'd very much appreciate your recommendations of conveyancers that you have worked with recently and that provided good service. Feel free to PM me, if you prefer.

The deals I'm doing are simple: Purchasing freehold houses in my own name, sometimes with a mortgage, sometimes without. No specialist knowledge required, as a result. The things I'd be looking for in a conveyancer are:

- does not take on an unrealistically high number of cases

- is proactive in progressing the transaction

- picks up the phone when called or at least reliably calls back

- takes the time to discuss things over the phone and is ready to answer questions

- reasonable level of fees (but appreciate that fees will be higher than what some of the conveyancing factories charge)

Many thanks.




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