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Switching residential mortgage to HMO mortgage

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I currently live in my property on a residential mortgage. I have just bought a new house with my partner and plan to switch my current residential mortgage onto a HMO mortgage so I can go on a residential mortgage with my partner.

It would be 4 bed HMO and I have used these rooms to have lodgers in.

Would this be fairly straightforward to do? Are there any mortgage advisors people recommend for the above and estimated costs?




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The main issue you will have is complying with the regulations of HMO properties - fire doors, escape routes, interlinked smokes, thumb locks on internal exit doors ect. The HMO lending pool is smaller than normal and it's also more of a pain in the arse. You could go simple and just get a nice family in. Just depends what your motivation is ? If it's cash flow - go HMO.

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