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Advise on viewing properties when you don't have the time?

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Does anyone have any advise on viewing and placing offers on properties when you just can't find the time to in your schedule? Currently working 12/13 hour days and my weekends are the same (saving up for the deposit), so viewing a property quickly after it's been listed is hard, especially as I'm looking at buying about 30 miles from where I'm currently living.

Is it common practice to place an offer on a property before viewing it? I've found that when I've got around to viewing the property (usually a week later) they have already been sold. This will be a residential property using a resi mortgage, is it bad practice to offer on a property before viewing? Any advise would be greatly apricated, I'm sure there are many people out there who are also struggling with the same situation!

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Don’t buy a property without viewing it - you will have no idea what you are buying!

There are property sourcers, but as it is your home I would still want to view it first.

This is potentially the biggest purchase  you ever make, so maybe you need to look at your priorities or wait until you have more time to look.

Once the Stamp Duty holiday has ended the market should slow a bit - maybe wait until then.

Good luck :)


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You could use viewber viewing service which is cost effective, they send videos, photos and a report. It might give you sufficient understanding of the property to be able to make an offer. You would then be able to look at the property yourself after offer was accepted.

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As David has mentioned, you can use services like Viewber to request someone to view on your behalf. They're independent to the purchase so tend not to have any vested interest in the property besides providing you with a report. Costs are fairly reasonable and you get photos/videos and a general report. You can then use these to request quotes from builders if it needs work/refurbing.

Obviously it's not as good as if you went in person, but sometimes if they're doing this day in, day out, they might spot things you might not if you're only doing sporadic viewings. 

You can also request them to ask certain questions or inspect certain bits of the property. They also arrange a suitable time with the agent to view the property, then send the report shortly after.

I used them once as I think the cost for the report was £60 or something, and a return train ticket for me to go up to view would've been £80. Based on his report, I ended up purchasing the home and then went to view it after the offer was accepted. 

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I live in London and having visited Liverpool 3x times with and without a sourcer, did a lot of desktop research, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook groups ai knew where I wanted to buy. Property listed on a Wed, had a viewber rep see it on Fri. Having viewed pics on Rightmove I told him what things I wanted pictures/video of and what to ask the vendor who was doing the viewings themselves. Spoke with the rep on Fri evening and had vids/pics and details of the area on Sat and had an offer accepted on the Sat. Viewed the property myself approx 6-8wks later (tied in 2x lettings agents too) and had a builder round and was still happy. Hoping to complete end of this month! Oversees investors do this all the time, but I think you need to know the area too. Good luck!

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18 hours ago, julia urquhart said:

I think it is different if it is a BTL - for a residential property I think it is a big risk.

Agree. For a BTL, Street view, some Googling of an area you know something about, internal photos, discussions with agents etc and it's possible. I've certainly bought property I'd not seen, although that was via an existing letting agent.

For BTL, it's about the numbers whether that's yield or potential growth. For a residential property, it's a home and emotion plays a big part in that and something that wouldn't be an issue for others could be a show stopper for you but wouldn't be picked up by a remote viewing.

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