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An interesting 20 years ahead...

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Hi all,

What a wonderful forum. Scrolled through plenty of threads, and it is great to be able to glean so much insight from so many people.

I am Alfie. 33, based in London. I run a small(ish) private investment fund, and recently founded a limited company as a vehicle to what will hopefully be a long and fruitful journey in property.

I'm starting with around £200k, will be looking to buy a little later in the year once I have some other loose ends tied up, and am excited to both get started and to have found this forum. In the equity markets, I tend towards deep value, and can hopefully leverage on some of the parallels between investing in other asset classes and investing in property.

At the moment I am building a relatively simple and intuitive spreadsheet that will enable me to get a surface-level evaluation of an individual property with a handful of inputs (see screenshot), but it is very much a work in progress and will eventually be fleshed out to something a little more sophisticated, when I can find the time. Forgive me for any errors in the calculations; some of the inputs still need refining, and some of the data is scraped from various web sources. There are a bunch of tabs at the bottom that mostly auto-populate from the inputs on the left.

I am looking at properties in the North West, but would eventually prefer exposure across the UK and potentially in Eastern Europe. At present, my motivation is to build as lucrative and stable an asset base as is possible in order to hand it to my nephew when he turns 21 (he is currently 19 months, so I have time!)




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Hi @bubble_boy - we're so glad to have you on the forum! And I'm personally really happy that you've enjoyed reading through some of the threads - we've got a great community here, don't we?

I think that spreadsheet looks incredible - you've really put a lot of work in and you're really only getting started, which is super encouraging to see!

Starting out by looking for properties in the North West is a smart idea. Rob & Rob have included lots of NW cities in their yearly BTL hotspot lists (here's the 2021 one, with Manchester and Liverpool included; https://propertyhub.net/2021-buy-to-let-property-hotspots/)

I also love the fact you're doing this for your nephew - that's one of the best motivations to start a property portfolio I've come across on the forum :)

Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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