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Private investor returns


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Good afternoon all, after a bit of advice.

Can’t seem to find much in terms of how to structure a deal for a private investor.

I have a potential refurb refinance project coming up and have had an offer from a colleague after talking about it where he would lend me the money as an investment as a one off deal for a return. 
we got to talking and it dawned on me I don’t know what would be a reasonable return as this would be my first project with an investor.

Quick numbers…

50k purchase price 12.5k deposit.

15-20k refurb cost

1500 fees (ish)

refinance 95-100k, had 3 valuations and comparable sold recently.

10k from the investor rest my own cash.

so what would be a good return for the investor?

Thanks for reading 😅 

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