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Best Way to Approach Investors

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Hi all,

I am wanting to get into property, mainly flipping first, so as I can pull a sum out at the end and use to buy a BRRR. 

I am a single mother of one and have just finished studying. I have nothing of my own to put into a property but I have lots and lots of time, resources and dedication to making this work. 

I have seen lots of advice online regarding working with an investor, however I wondered if anyone else has done this on a first property or where the best place is to interact and build relationships with investors?

Many thanks in advance :) 

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hi @sarahbrashaw

Personally i haven't worked with an investor before, not sure how to find one.

I have savings which i am looking to use, potentially in the Hull area but open to suggestions. Not sure if you know this area? (i live in Southampton)

Going through the videos on here to get the strategy right and truly want that hands off investment either income through rental or a flip. all depends on the property and what is on offer.

Many thanks


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On 9/5/2021 at 1:47 PM, julia urquhart said:

Unfortunately no money of your own, no experience, presumably no specific skills all make you a big risk for someone else to hand over an investment to. I would recommend trying to get a job which gives you some relevant experience before trying to go this route.

Was just going to say exactly the same. Why would someone hand over tens of thousands to someone who has no experience. Huge risk and i would never ever consider doing that with my money. 

Be realistic about your property goals, but you need to have skin in the game. 

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