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Would you invest in Anfield?

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Hi hubbers, my girlfriend and I are looking to invest in Liverpool and have viewed a couple of houses in Anfield that looked promising and would like some advice from locals or investors with Liverpool experience. We're researching into 2 or 3 bed houses around the 100k mark. We've heard about the Anfield regeneration taking place, but is Anfield potentially still an investment area to avoid? Looking forward to hearing any thoughts, cheers


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Anfield is a popular area for out of town investors which for me is an indicator to avoid, as a local. If you think about it Anfield was popular (years ago) for a reason, low prices. Now it’s hot for remote investors which is pushing up prices hence why you have a 100k budget. If I was starting out new now I would be looking at building my network with other likeminded investors both local and remote form your interest area. This will focus your energy and money in the right area/s, you will gain a lot from this approach and constantly learn.


With that said, if the numbers stack up and the deal gives you what you are looking for then don’t hold off. You can make a lot of money from football fans with service accommodation and if Liverpool consistently play in European games you will have the place hired out through the week and the weekend match days.


Feel free to connect with us via Instagram @heyesproperties or email me for a further chat.



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I'm not a local but I was trying to invest in Anfield in 2018-2019 and I got to know the area quite well. My budget was around £50,000. I had an offer accepted for £47,000 on a refurb which looking back now I think I would have done well to have bought. But I got scared and pulled out.

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We have property in Anfield - it's not without its problems from time to time, but there is a direct correlation between yield and hassle, so I certainly wouldn't avoid the area, but it's important you know what you're getting into and you have an amazing managing agent.

My advice would be to go with a 3 bed house over a 2 bed in the area, and you're probably looking at about £1120k for a ready to let property there now. Close to Anfield Stadium, Arkles Road, Wenlock Road, Hornsey Road, Priory Road etc - Rents on these are around £650pcm now

Good luck!
V x

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