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Reviewing auction legal packs myself?

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I am interested in purchasing my next property via an auction and have already come across a few lots that I'm considering. So far I don't have any auction experience, have never bid on any and only watched a few online (and a read a book on property auctions). Initially I'd be OK to have a few legal packs reviewed by a solicitor, but eventially this will be costly and I'll spend a lot of £ on solictiors for legal pack reviews if my auction hit ratio turns out to be low.

So here's my question: I'd like to learn how to review legal packs myself. What's the best way of acquiring this knowledge? Are there any courses or training materials that you are aware of? Or are there any solictors who would be willing to share some of their knowledge on a few consultation calls ? Obviously no expectation of any of these coming for free.

I have a bit of experience on property purchases and the conveyancing process and also a bit of experience in commercial law, but I'm completely new to auction packs. I'm fully aware that reviewing the auction  pack myself comes with the risk of me missing important points and that the quality of my auction pack review will never be as good as the work of a professional solictior. And I'm happy to accept some residual risk here. What I'd be looking for is acquiring a decent understanding of the most common traps and issues to reduce the risk of me missing a material point is reduce by, say, 90%.

Appreciate your advice on any relevant learning resources and your views on whether my plan makes sense. Thanks!



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