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Sourcing Fees Withheld - Professional Help Required


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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help with a predicament, I am happy to pay someone to represent me on this so not looking for freebie!!

I paid £5,500 sourcing fee to a company for a property with an agreement that it could go on account if the property wasn't what was advertised (i.e. advertised market value was higher than actual given by surveyor). In this particular case it was a house that had been split into 2 separate flats but still held under 1 title. This wasn't specified in the marketing. This subsequently meant we couldn't get a mortgage because lenders just didn't like 1 title and 2 flats so had to pull out of the deal.

To cut a long story short I argued with the sourcing company that their advertising was misleading and I wanted my money back if they couldn't find a suitable alternative after two months. They never agreed to this just said it will sit in Escrow for the foreseeable until we find something we like.

I really do not want to deal with these people again and just want my money back. I have pleaded with them and even offered as last resort to leave 50% on account and for them to return 50% to which they declined.

I want to know where I stand legally here. I know you will need to see the small print from T&Cs but I just can't see how legally they have a right to keep this money? 

If anyone reading this is interested in picking this up please get in touch as I want to try and put it to bed and move on!



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Yes the T&C is very important to see what was agreed and signed before taking it to court. And you should not put yourself in a position where you have to plead with companies as a business person yourself. In already puts you in a disadvantaged position. 

So find out exactly what the Terms and Conditions says, we would need to see it to know if you have a case to file against them. 

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