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HMO Rules South Wales - Planning needed to change back to single dwelling?


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Me and my partner are purchasing a property in Rhondda Cynon Taff that is currently licensed as a HMO. Our solicitor is telling us we won't need to apply for planning permission to turn it back into a single dwelling to live in ourselves however when i ring the planning department they are adamant that i would need planning permission and say they haven't heard anything about no permission being required for change of use within the same class (C).

Does anyone know what the case actually is?

Another thing i wonder if anyone could help with - We were told RCT is no longer giving out new HMO license but we could renew / apply for one in our names before we purchase the property. We want to live in the property for a couple of years before renting it out, obviously the HMO rent is far higher than a normal let but if we don't apply for the license that opportunity will be lost forever. 

My question is, would it be possible to apply for the license but then live in the property as a single household for a couple of years with the intention of eventually renting it out as a HMO? I know "technically" this isn't allowed but is there legal consequences.. Perhaps they would simply revoke the license if they found out. Don't want to do anything that will get us in trouble. 

Many Thanks!    

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