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Unpaid rent

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One of my tenants has just missed his 2nd month of rent payment. Last month he cited lack of work due to covid and mental health issues, promising to pay double this month, but this has also been missed. AST ends on 27th December - should I consider not renewing it, or should I take decisive action before this? He has been a good payer for the last 15 months, but is now making excuses and missing his promised payments. Not been in this situation before so any advice is welcome. Thanks.

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Hello @pete_b

Whilst legally, you are entitled to receive your rent, under these circumstances, communication is key.

If I were you, I would try to understand the circumstances further: for example, what sort of work the tenant is in, whether the tenant's work has genuinely been affected by the pandemic, and whether such effect is temporary or more permanent.  It is important to get the full picture before making any decision - I always factor in the reality that this is someone's home / life that landlords are impacting and thus, it is important to try to get all the information before making a decision.

If, for example, it is a transitory event, which could pass within another month, it may well be worth setting up a payment plan, particularly because the tenant has been paying rent on time for the past year or so.

Hope this helps.


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