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New here - hoping to build a network of like-minded investors!

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Nice to meet you all!

I've stubbled across this website and hope to find the answers to the property investments questions I have to really get going and build my own portfolio!

Believe it or not, i actually  work in property but still have no idea where to start when it comes to investing due to the many different models out there; but know for a fact this is definitely something i hope to do full time!

The concept of buy low, refub and rent sounds great to me. I'm hoping to find like minded folks who can spot a good deal and recommend a good strategy as I guess we can all learn from one another..

Based in London, Liverpool and Manchester have always stood out to me due to the booming serviced accommodation opportunities and capital appreciation.

A passive income is the goal for me, I hope to own a decent sized portfolio with plenty to get stuck into. With plenty of ammo to throw at this venture, and eager to get going on this journey so if anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share id love to hear from you.



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Hi Nafe,

Welcome to PropertyHub! It's great to see you already have some ideas in mind about where you would like to invest. 

So cool you work in property as well, it could be very valuable in future!

I am starting out as a newbie as well. For me I first analysed the various methods of investing as a whole and then build a plan around my lifestyle, tolerance to risk, timeframe etc.

What would you say your risk tolerance is? Would you thrive project managing a flip project or would you prefer something like a vanilla "set and forget" BTL property investment?  as with anything with greater risk comes greater reward and spending time researching the different methods and their risk/ reward ratios would be a great place to start.

What timeframe do you have to work with? As with anything, great things take time. Acknowledging a conservative timeframe has also helped me understand we are in it for the long game

Do you have a high-level plan written down? I find writing things down has a twofold benefit, 1. allows me to know how to reach my end goal(s) 2. holds me accountable to each milestone and keeps me on track.

These are some of the things I have used to understand where I am at and how to plan my steps in future.

Hope this helps!


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