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Developper renegade on snagging

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Hello @francosash

The first question here is what you meant by 'agreed snagging items' (i.e. where the agreement to fix any snag arises from).  For example, whether the contract exchanged has expressly set out that the developer will arrange for any snag to be fixed, or assuming the contract does not have an entire agreement clause, whether the developer expressly promised that it will arrange for any snag to be fixed.

Assuming that there is an agreement to fix any snag with the developer, your next step would be to issue a claim against the developer to ensure that they fulfill their obligations or pay you money compensation for such snags.

Hope it helps.

For the avoidance of doubt, the above (a) does not constitute legal advice (and no lawyer-client relationship is formed in any way) and (b) is set out for your reference only.  You should seek formal legal advice for your matter.


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