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Safest areas in the UK revealed...

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Homedit have carried out research to find the safest places to live in the UK.

Their criteria was as follows;

  • Crime rates
  • Flood risks
  • The number of buildings within a 2km radius of a fire station
  • The number of buildings within a 2km radius of a hospital
  • Streetlight maintenance

Manchester came out on top, with Harlow and Wyre Forest deemed the least safe places to live.

Check out the entire breakdown of the stats here; https://www.homedit.com/safest-areas-to-buy-home-uk/

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Interesting article.  If I was doing a 'safest area' , I would do 'safest urban area' , because people know the countryside is safe, so no news there. 

and to do this, I would use the office of National statistics area classification framework.  They classify areas by LSOA.  Then, I would use crime data classified by LSOA 

And from all of that, I would aggregate LSOA's by built-up area ( there are lookups one can use ) and then you would end up with a couple of things: 

  • Safest urban neighbourhoods in the UK
  • Safest built-up areas in the UK

I've already done a big piece of work, downloading all crime data for the whole of England and Wales, where I use that to understand localised crime over a three-month period.  For example it is easy to see crime hotspots which are 'non-High Street'* 

* high street crime is always much higher than 'off High Street' crime, simply because of the increased footfall.  When there is high crime in an area with low footfall, you know there's a problem. 

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I really must disagree with this survey. It does not include Northern Ireland and Belfast is absolutely safer than Manchester as anyone from England who has visited Belfast will tell you. W Belfast is an incredibly safe city to walk day or night not sure you could say that about any English city equivalent in size or smaller!

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