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Tenants not paying rent increase of £5 each, and bad letting agent. What should I do?

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My tenants' rent was increased in February by only £10 per month - a very small amount for two tenants. Unfortuately they have not changed their direct debits and are still paying the old amount so they are now £80 in arrears.

The letting agent, who are providing a very poor service, say they have contacted the tenants and there is no response.

I only found out in June that the rent had been put up, and have been trying to chase this since then.

Rents in the area have gone up quite a lot recently - I would like to increase the rent by up to £100 per month from next February.

What should I do - any advice? Keep pushing the letting agent? Contact the tenants myself? Serve some kind of warning to them? Anything else?


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