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Hi everyone I’m Chris and I am new to the forum.

I am a quantity surveyor by trade having worked for many years in construction on projects and all various sizes and types. 

during the last year I have been working on a suite of new build house types ranging from two bed terraces, upto 4/5 bedroom detached. 

for each house type I have a full cost plan, broken down into the various stages and packages. So I know how much each house type will cost to build give or take some potential small fluctuations in materials prices across the uk currently. 

i have also produced a detailed construction build programme for each type which Will enable me to produce a development programme in detail of any potential sites using these house types.


what I’m looking for is a partner who can assist with sourcing plots of land we can basically utilise our fully costed house types. As well as help raise the finance to develop these sites out. 

looking to start small and hopefully just grow it organically. 

so if you have sites that your sourcing and access to funding but need a reliable partner with the background, knowledge and expirence in delivery then please get in touch.


thanks for reading 


Chris k

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Hi Chris,   I can definitely assist with running your development appraisals and debt funding.  I know the debt market very well and have a few equity players that can assist for good deals.   Where are you looking for project geographically?  Kevin

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