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Minimum energy performance of buildings (no. 2) Bill

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If this is the case this is certainly very interesting. The proposed timescales for bringing rentals upto EPC C by 2025 / 8 have always looked tight and if the bill is delayed they will surely have to be pushed back. I can't believe that this requirement will be removed as it is part of the Govt's overall strategy to allow Boris to tick the green box, but all the emphasis at the moment is on getting heat pumps installed.

Interestingly, I have property (1995 build) on an all electric estate. They were built with storage heaters; some (like me) have upgraded to electric radiators and one person has had a heat pump installed. All the properties including the heat pump house are EPC D with the exception of one with storage heaters that has managed to get to C and a couple with no loft insulation that have achieved an E. So a heat pump does not help you get to a C!

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15 hours ago, will_g_g said:

It seems the second reading of this bill, that would impose the minimum EPC grade C requirements on private rentals, has been postponed indefinitely. Maybe because the "sponsor" was David Amess. Will they use this as an excuse to delay it, and water it down? 

Where did you get this information?

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the Bill info is here https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/3036/stages It used to say second reading was happening tomorrow (22/10/21), now it says "to be announced" or something... Yes the measures are illogical, and the EPC's are highly subjective. I have a solid walled Victorian property that I've managed to have reassessed as a C despite previous certs stating that its maximum potential was only a D!!  

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