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Gas Leak - Freehold/Leasehold Responsibility

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Hi. My Mother-in-law is a leaseholder of a maisonette and recently had her gas meter changed. After fitting, the engineer pressure tested the system and found a leak somewhere past the meter and within the property - capped gas supply on safety grounds. Boiler engineer was called out and confirmed it's not from there and as there's no other gas appliances (old gas fire decommissioned years ago) it's suspected the leak is under the concrete floor.

My MIL raised a claim with the freeholders building insurance provider but they said they're not responsible for the pipes and to contact the gas supplier. Gas supplier say they're only responsible up to the meter - contact building insurance.

I raised a new claim with the building insurance and this time they reject it because 'no damage has occurred to the property'. I'm contesting this and currently waiting on a reply..on the basis there has to be damage to the pipe otherwise it wouldn't be leaking.

My question is, who is responsible for the gas pipes within a leasehold property? I believe they are within the fabric of the building and as such should be the freeholder's responsibility.

Any comments or advice appreciated. 

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