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New homes to have electric chargers by law

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The Prime Minister has announced that all new homes in the UK will be required by law to have electric car charging ports.


I think this is an admirable step towards reducing the carbon footprint in the country, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself. I'll wait and see how well this is enforced.

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On 11/23/2021 at 6:20 PM, haf1963 said:

A lot greener than diesel thats for sure...

Actually - I have been told that is not true. Diesels are much cleaner now and the electric vehicle doesn't become greener until about 7 years down the line. We are being selectively told what the Govt wants us to believe.

I agree that we need to stop using fossil fuels but I am not sure that we have yet really solved any of the issues of making green replacements. Whilst solar / wind power & electric cars are green when used, we do also need to consider their manufacture and - possibly more importantly - their disposal at the end of their life.

Your electric car is not so green if the electricity used to power it is produced from a coal fired power station on a cloudy still day.

Boris is trying to tick green boxes for the sake of it - not because it really makes a difference. If you really want to drive green go on public transport. If you want to go green for heating, insulate your home and wear jumpers! The best way to go green is to REDUCE usage.

Going back to electric car chargers - how many will be put in and become obsolete before the owner has an electric car?

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