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BRR How to tell NSC?

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Hi all,

Having invested in straight BTLs for the past few years I'm now looking into venturing towards the BRR strategy with properties requiring a light/medium refurb.

My question is how do you tell whether a property is a standard construction or not?

I know you can just get a survey if it's a simple case of spotting an offer on Rightmove etc and getting an offer accepted. But what about auctions? Where it's not practical to pay for a survey for every single property you think has potential, where you might only get 1 in 10 accepted? Plus it will be helpful to have the skill to weed out NSC properties before wasting time surveying a bad property.

Any books, resources etc?

Just want to avoid the disastrous situation of buying a property with cash/bridging, spending 6 months on a refurb only to be told I can't get a mortgage on it... 

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1 hour ago, julia urquhart said:

You can tell a lot from looking at a property. You can also look at sold prices of houses in the same street - NSC are often cheaper than you'd expect. Google is also quite useful.

Sold prices don't really help with identifying whether the property in question is NSC or not. Often houses on the same street could be built differently, with some NSC and some standard. So that's an unreliable way.

Also the point of NSCs being cheap is neither here nor there. That wasn't my question. A property can be cheap for all sorts of reasons, structural issues, problem tenants, motivated seller, neglected. So using price to gauge whether a property is NSC is just bad.

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