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Hi during the really windy weather someone had left the front door of our block of flats open. It came off. So now we have no block front door. It has been like this since October! I have asked the landlord multiple times to fix this as rats keep coming into the block. (It’s a small 2 story block with 4 flats in he owns them all).

Just wondering if there is anything I can do to make him fix this asap.


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You might not like my answer, but if a landlord doesn't want to do something, he / she can avoid it. That is a pain. Perhaps look at the problem a different way. Could you chuck some money to a friend who can put it back on the hinges. Equally, even before reading your message my thought was.... Ok, what's the tenant broken and now want fixing. If this has happened in the past the landlord might be less inclined to fix it, because all that happens is that it gets broken again. This could be caused by other people in the block of 4 or more usual is there friends !

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