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Buying Primary Residence Overseas

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I was wondering if anyone knows if this is possible with any US lender?

My story - I am a EU citizen who with a very healthy financial track record I have started 15 years ago here in the US. My home country's lenders will not consider me as I have no recent track record of earnings and so I wanted to explore getting a mortgage with a US based lender to buy a property in my EU home country, ultimately then moving there and paying of the mortgage from there ... is this possible to anyone's knowledge?

Thanks in advance!

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Not sure why you're asking a UK forum about US banks giving mortgage for a non-UK property purchase, but here comes my pennyworth:

- most of the UK-based mortgage brokers can only arrange finance for a property in the UK - whether or not you're a UK citizen and whether or not you live in the UK, but the property has to be in the UK;

- there are some specialist UK-based brokers who can arrange finance for buying a property outside of the UK;

- the main issue, however, appears to be the "no recent track record of earnings" - banks normally want to see earnings, so in case you can't rent the property, you still have means to pay the mortgage and they don't normally like the answer that you have savings...

Hope this helps a little

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