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Year of opportunity ahead?

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So, probably like many, I’ve decided 2022 is the year to follow a long held passion and get into restoring properties.

Initial thinking flipping to B2L on a 2 or 3:1 ratio. Principally I need this ratio to build and sustain the cash flow necessary to go beyond 2 or 3 B2L units. 

I love a plan…. But my word… Kent (my home county) is a hard place to find property that has enough margin!! 

Would be grateful of some wise words, and happy to help if I can to.



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The money to be made is by buying something run down (at a good price), refurbishing it and then renting it out while the market around you goes up. The problem is that we are still in a really hot market where it is difficult to find a bargain. 

My advice - keep looking but don't buy for the sake of buying. Wait for the right opportunity - it will come eventually!

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