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That predicted mass exodus from cities due to COVID? Didn't happen.

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Rob D had a big grin on his face this week when the Guardian revealed that the predicted mass exodus from UK cities in 2020 never actually came to pass. 

He put his neck on the line (more than once on the podcast) in disagreement with the media hysteria predicting tenants would be fleeing cities in favour of the suburbs… and it turns out he was right! 

“Exclusive figures gathered by the Guardian suggest thousands more people are now living in the biggest English city centres since covid first hit the UK – mostly in flats, often without balconies or outdoor space.” 

In particular, Liverpool (a 2022 hotspot) has seen the city centre population grow by 6% in 2020! 

So, there are two lessons here: 

1 – Never give into fearmongering. 

2 – Always listen to Rob D.

Are you surprised? Or like Rob D, were you sure that these predictions were premature?


Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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