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Finding a good letting agent

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Hi all,


I live overseas and I'm looking to get a buy to let property in the UK. I will be a property investor, rather than landlord and will therefore employ a letting agent. I've done some research inline, but I think a lot of it would come down to who would be managing the property locally. As I can't meet them face to face it will be more difficult to make a decision, so my questions on the phone to them will be key to my assessment. Does anyone have any suggestions on great questions to ask to try and find out their approach and level of service I would receive?


My initial thoughts are:


  • Are you a property investor yourself? If so please describe your portfolio (I would also let them know the same information so they feel more relaxed to explain there personal situation). Reason for this question is I'd like to deal with someone who is also personally doing the same thing as me to really understand it.
  • Do you belong to the National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS) and/or the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)
  • Over the last 3 months how many properties have you let, how long were they on the market?
  • Could you please describe the process you go through to market a property? I know this would be written down in marketing blurb, but I'd like to hear how well the individual knows this- if they don't then it shows they don't follow their processes.
  • How many managed letting do you have in city X? How many people manage these lettings?
  • Do you have any clients who you manage properties for that would be open to being a reference?

Interested to know any one else's thoughts on the above, or your own questions.


All the best,



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Hi Stuart

It may be worth checking out a website called www.allagents.co.uk it is a customer based review website and this should help you locate a good agency in the area you are looking in. I'd suggest also checking to see if the firm is ARLA regulated or regulated by any other governing bodies. If you wanted to email me I may be able to make some suggestions based on the specific area. If you can't private message me my email is kieran-ryder@live.co.uk.

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Hi Stuart,


Another tactic you could try is calling as a tenant. How do they treat you, do they seem eager?


Make sure you do the same when getting a rent appraisal. An example being they might tell you the investor that your property could achieve £800pm for your type of property and a prospective tenant calling might be told £700 per month.  


Good luck!

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