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Investment in St. Helens

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Hi everyone,

Nice to e-meet you! I am a foreign investor, which look for opportunities within North UK given crazy real estate prices in my homeland. It is going to be my first investment and I am scared and excited at the same time.

Unfortunately for some reason there is almost no information about St. Helens (I am referring specifically to WA10) in the forum. I don't want to invest in areas where there is high crime and unemployment rate etc. I am looking for a very solid investment, which would not become a headache, but yet an area with a great potential. Do you think St. Helens meets these requirements?  Any piece of information/ advice would be highly appreciated! Please only advise on St. Helens (other areas are not relevant for now)



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I'm from St Helens, like any other area WA10 has its good and bad.....Eccleston is well sought after for example, the town centre is WA10 and there's nothing but bookies and charity shops there, retail parks have done this to a lot of small towns. Town centre is in need of some serious investment. I'm looking more at Liverpool and Warrington myself. 

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