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Cracks in the property and sale dropped potentially due to subsidence risk

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I'm a landlord of a 2 bed first floor flat in London since 2015 and have a landlord insurance that includes subsidence. Last year i tried to sell it, found an investment type buyer but the sale dropped as the Lender surveyor report was negative. I didnt get a copy of the report but i was told its due to structural problems. Property does have cracks at the front and inside. Prior to let it in 2015 i lived there for about 9 years and had seen cracks (they were either hair line or not too big) appearing which i attributed to railway line and an adjacent main road. I've been reading about the subsidence claims on different forums and really not sure if i should start with my insurer or get a structural survey done and find out the route cause and if its subsidence of some level then get it fixed myself before listing the property again. My guess is that even if its a minor subsidence and if i get it fixed myself, the next buyer will still have problems obtaining insurance? So in effect the potential buyers will be deterred if i pay myself or get insurance company to pay.

My landlord insurance company also got busted last year but they were taken up by another company and i will be automatically moved to the new company in October this year so still have about 5-6 months with my old company albeit, i'm still insured by old company's underwriter. I have read that its a good idea that the potential buyer stays with the same insurance company (if i take out a claim for subsidence) but in this case if i take a claim now the account will be transferred to the new company where it may not be the case?

What should be the best course of action. Shall i start with my insurer or look for structural engineers? what do i need to make a claim from my insurer?

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