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Understanding this break clause - help needed!

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On 3/31/2022 at 7:28 AM, dombrowne1 said:

Hi, I am a tenant and I have an assured short hold tenancy agreement due for renewal (12 months). Can someone please help me to understand this break clause? I cannot make sense of it. I would appreciate any help, thank you 


Basically after the end of the 4th month, either of you may provide 2 months' notice to end the tenancy (6 months minimum tenancy effectively). It appears that you pay on the 10th, so you'd give notice on the 9th of the month to end the tenancy on the 10th 2 months later. 

If you owe any money/damage property etc ('breach a covenant' i.e. a clause in your agreement), you are still liable despite ending the tenancy early. 

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