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How much time does One flip take ?

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Dear hubbers,

 Could you please advice how much time one house/flat flip can take ? 

I know that in order to sell a property to a mortgage buyer I must officially own it for 6 months (from land registry registration date). 

If I understand correctly it takes approximately 2 months to buy a property from auction + at least 8 weeks for land registry to register it + 6 months of ownership in order to sell it to mortgage buyer,  then + 3-4 months to adverse and sell this property.
This makes a flip process approximately 13 months long. 

Is there a way to flip a property quicker ? 

Your thoughts are welcome. 


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I don’t think you legally have to own it for 6 months in order to sell it especially if you’ve paid cash. It all depends on whether the buyers mortgage company are happy to give them a mortgage. I would be interested to hear if others have had issues with this? Is it common for mortgage companies to refuse to give a mortgage in these circumstances? 

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