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Cost of furnishing a 3 bed flat

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Hi Guys.


I know this might be one of those "It Depends" questions but I wanted to get a rough guide on how much it would cost to furnish a 3 bed flat.


Also what constitutes "Furnished". I am thinking double bed in every bedroom + wardrobe. White goods in kitchen with cutlery and crockery etc. Carpets, curtains a dining table and chairs. Sofa and a TV ?


Is that about it ?


This will be a student let so should I go all out at make it look good or keep it plain, simple and cheap? also are there any implications of letting a furnished vs unfurnished flat? any extra rules and regs I would need to follow?


Any advise would be much appreciated.



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I do not have a student let but I have bee on the consumer side as my offspring are all uni age or just past so I have observed it from that side.


Whatever you buy go for as robust as possible as students are hard wearers of anything they are in close proximity too and coming from good homes is no bearing on how the offspring behave out of parental view!!!  I spent 27 hours cleaning a kitchen in one of my son's houses to get it back to a returnable standard - the landlord was very happy even if I was not happy with the occupants who'd been living there.  It made for a choice conversation or two on the long drive back home :angry:  :D


I would also approach the uni student union or housing dept to get their advice on what their expected standards are - as it may vary and you may also be able to hook up to an acredited landlord scheme which might improve your chances.

Furnishing wise I would provide:

Enough sofas/ chairs for the number of expected occupants + 1

A dining or kitchen table to eat at

Bedrooms - double bed, clothes hanging rail/ wardrobe, drawer unit, desk + chair & book case

Kitchen - white goods fridge, freezer (big enough for all occupants to have reasonable space), washing machine 

I would not provide crockery/cutlery - all students seem to come fully kitted and it is a rave to account for on inventories

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