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Potential Investment in Wales

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Hello All, 

I have recently just purchases my first BTL in wales just outside Cardiff, and i am looking to purchase a second property. One of the issues i face is that i work overseas so cant view the properties and areas myself, the first purchase was through a family friend so i did not have to view the place myself. So this next purchase i will have to do more diligence. But have recently been looking at Cardiff city myself and i am trying to get a idea of areas to avoid and good locations etc. I am looking for a purchase price of no more than 120K. 

Has anyone invested in Cardiff? These are a few properties that have caught my eye on rightmove which i might inquire about for further information. 

Any info anyone has will be much appreciated! 



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Good Morning, 

Having come across your message I feel as though I may be able to offer assistance.

I work with landlords across South Wales, managing their portfolio's of rental property whilst liaising with our auction team on anything that comes to auction that may fit their buying criteria. Wales is certainly a hot place for BTL investment at the moment, the data below was released this week. 


Best wishes

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I too am looking to invest into south wales... the Valley towns initially, but looking at the town centres in the Valleys, there are many empty shops, including the larger retailers who are moving out! yet there are many houses available in the "mining Towns" so wonder if its better to buy a property and convert it into self contained flats and sell 1 or 2 to recoup on the conversion and purchase prices. Rents are between 400 and 550 for 2 bed flats but there seem to be quite a few on the market currently.

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