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Rents in Manchester have risen 23.4% in the last year

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The most recent Rental Trends Tracker from Rightmove has shown the highest increase in annual rise of rental rates outside London since they began recording them 16 years ago. 

We’ve all heard countless times about the heat of the rental market, and now we have even more proof. 

Interestingly, our 2022 Hotspot Manchester has recorded the biggest yearly increase in monthly rents, at 23.4%. 

The average monthly rent in the city is now £1,127 – up from £912 this time last year. 

Are you benefitting from this hike in rental prices? 


Mark Rocks
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I was paying £31 per week back in 2005/06, renting a room in a shared house in the M13 postal district, when I was a student at University of Manchester. But there were rooms for as little as 20 something pounds a week ( under £25 ) on the list the secretary in my department at the university handed me. You'll need to account for inflation over the past 15 years.

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