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From dipping a toe to taking a dive

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Hi! I’m Alison from Midlothian. I have an existing BTL flat in town which isn’t doing much but has quite a bit of equity, and I want to build a portfolio of buy to let’s in Scotland. I’m finding the property hub courses and podcast really useful. Just starting to research different areas, legislation, tax etc and will be attending a couple of events. Currently excited and nervous, but keen to get started! 😊

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Hi @alisonv - welcome to the forum!

Super glad you're finding the courses and Property Podcast helpful :) 

In terms of locations, is there a particular area that you're considering investing in?

I also think it's a good sign that you've already got a BTL, so hopefully you should have a fair bit of knowledge already!

Mark Rocks
Community Builder and Content Writer




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Hi everyone,

I’m Rose, 31 and from London. I used to be a lettings agent a few years ago so have a fair bit of knowledge in property. My sister and I will be going into property investment together properly so have been doing our research. I say properly because we have just bought a ltd company from a relative with 2 BTL’s so we haven’t done this all from scratch. We’d like to build our portfolio and learn the whole process. Your website is great and the resources you provide are so helpful! I have Rob Dix’s book which I’m halfway through, have listened to a couple of your podcasts and will be subscribing to your magazine too.

In terms of areas, we’re looking at properties up North like Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, York… and considering Nottingham too. But areas to invest in is definitely what I am particularly focused on researching right now and the information you have provided so far has really helped, so thank you!

Looking forward to being active on here, speaking with you guys and learning lots. 

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Hi Rose. I think you're on the right track. They are all excellent locations, and it's great that you have a limited company.

Most investors (myself included) wish we had started earlier. So my main suggestion, is don't wait any longer than you have to. Once you are comfortable with an investment, then jump in 

Vin Gupta
Property Investor and Developer
UK Property Blog: https://evolutionblogger.com/article/uk-property-articles
Travel Blog: https://soulfultravelguy.com/

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