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Higher mortgage rates are squeezing my margins PLUS: Is this the end of rent increases?

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It’s time for some more listener questions! 

Kicking us off this week is Deemada. 

Deemada is searching for his second buy-to-let deal but increasing interest rates have got him thinking about his profit margins. 

He wants to know if higher rates will squeeze his profit and if so, should he still be considering buy-to-let right now? 

Next up, we’ve got a question from AJ in London. 

The latest legislation, especially the proposed removal of Section 21 has got them worrying about how this is going to impact landlords, particularly with rent increases.  

They currently review their rent annually and adjust it according to the market – sometimes it goes up, sometimes it doesn’t. But they’re worried that this change in legislation could leave them short if a tenant refuses to accept the rental increase. 

Do Rob & Rob have any thoughts on this? 


Mark Rocks
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