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Service charge clause and obligations


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Hi, I've been reading through my lease trying to establish my service charge obligations. I own one flat in a block of four and have an equal share of the freehold. By mutual agreement we all currently pay a monthly amount. I believe decisions are made in the freehold company on the basis of a 75% majority. If the other three vote to raise our monthly payments, I'm wondering where I stand legally. It hasn't happened yet, I just want to be prepared in case it does. The only clause I can see in my lease which references maintenance costs suggests I have to pay 25% of actual costs, which of course I'm happy to do. I see no mention of monthly payments. I'm trying to establish if I'm legally obliged to pay whatever monthly charge the other three flat owners might agree on, given that they constitute a 75% majority in the management company. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you need further information or clarification.

PS : I accept that no replies will constitute legal advice.


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